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Staying Ahead In Business During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of economic uncertainty and it’s no surprise that businesses are reluctant to take chances until things settle down. But the problem with sitting back and waiting for everything to blow over is that it can lead to more uncertainty and seriously impact on your company’s ability to generate revenue and trade going forward. Continuing to trade and market your brand is vital for future success and may even allow your business to grow; if you change the way you do things a little.

Wait, we can grow our business during a pandemic?

That seems like a bold statement, but it’s certainly possible. Think about the alternative. Is it feasible to sit back and watch as your business dwindles away? With a few changes to working practices and some clever marketing, any business can grow even in the most difficult of times.

Don’t wait out the storm, blow the competition away

While your competition sits at home contemplating their fading bank accounts, you could be taking advantage of continued or even increased demand in your area of expertise. You may be the only choice for some customers and if you give them what they want they will still buy. Assessing the true needs of your customers and pivoting to properly suit them will reap major benefits.

But marketing costs money

Yes, it does, but if done correctly and with a little thought you can still see a marked increase in revenue. Digital marketing is the way to go while lockdowns and working at home rules are still in place. With more and more people glued to their PCs, smartphones, and iPads you have a captive audience to aim for. Sure, they may be reluctant to buy from you due to the uncertainty around the job market and a reduction in their own revenue. But if you market the right way, use the right words that acknowledge the situation while offering them a light at the end of the tunnel, you can still increase revenue from even the most modest marketing budget.

Take a look at other sales channels

If you are predominantly a brick and mortar business or do little in the way of online sales, you need to rethink your strategy. If you have your own website but it is gaining little traction, look at social media to gain attention. Social distancing and lockdowns may be keeping people away from your current business channels but that doesn’t mean you have to stop and stand still. Look for other areas that you can exploit and move into. Digital is king right now so make sure your online presence is in tip-top shape and if it isn’t, take steps to improve it. Offer e-commerce solutions and make sure they are marketed for better exposure. Don’t allow people to forget about what you do.

Anchor Monkey Can Help You With Your Marketing Needs

If you need help with marketing during these troubled times or cultivate a solid online presence then Anchor Monkey are here for you. We understand the needs of our clients and are experts at helping them grow their business. Check out what we can do for you today.


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